We specialize in the following services :  

  • Fitting and turning: Our lathe capabilty has a maximum turning                                               diameter of 1000 mm and the maximum length of 6000 mm .
  • Coded welding .New Phototastic Collage 1
  • Milling.
  • Repairs to cooling towers.
  • Repairs to industrial gearboxes.
  • Repairs to industrial pumps.
  • Repairs to industrial machinery.
  • Repairs to industrial valves.
  • Repairs to stainless steel tanks and pipe work.
  • Repairs to earth moving equipment.
  • Manufacturing of steel walkways.
  • Manufacturing of steel & stainless steel equipment.
  • Manufacturing of play park equipment for the disabled.
  • Manufacturing of conveyors : screw and belt conveyors.New Phototastic Collage3
  • Manufacturing of sluice valves.
  • Manufacturing of inline fine screens.
  • Manufacturing of steam heat exchangers.
  • Manufacturing of industrial rollers.
  • Manufacturing of industrial pump filters.
  • Manufacturing of germicidal ultraviolet light units.